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Runa’s Birth: The Day My Sister Was Born

Author: Uwe Spillmann
Paperback: 24 pages
Publisher: Made in Water Limited
Product Dimensions: 28 x 21.2 x 1 cm


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A child’s book written by two German parents and translated into several languages aims to help children prepare for the upcoming birth of a sibling without scaring them. Runa’s Birth is the story of the day Lisa’s baby sister Runa is born.

The story covers her mother’s labour, the arrival of the midwife and the birth of Runa, at which Lisa and her father are present. Four-year-old Lisa even helps to cut the baby’s umbilical cord. After the baby is born, the family celebrate together. Before Lisa goes to sleep, she says: "And tomorrow I will make a pretend umbilical cord and then I play birth with (my friend) Fabio."


259 Reviews for Runa’s Birth: The Day My Sister Was Born

  1. Hidesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung says:

    The four-year old experiences the mummy’s big tummy, the midwife’s visit, the beginning of the contractions, the use of the CTG machine that she can hear the baby’s heart with, the father’s and godmother’s caring and at last the arrival of the little sister. This is told in an easy understandable and realistic way … this is addressed to fathers witnessing birth.

  2. Herbert Hofstätter says:

    Reviewing children books like this one is full of joy! You take your five-year old daughter and read her the story (perhaps before she goes to bed). After a few minutes one starts to realise that the story of Lisa’s sister’s birth is getting thrilling. Questions are asked on every page or if more knowledge exists professional comments are made. This story is especially suitable for children, because it is child-likly described that at a house-birth the family members are more involved in everything than in hospital. The next evening at the latest when the loud wish to hear the same story as yesterday, you know that this book is most successful.

  3. Iris Groschek, Hamburg says:

    What a wonderful book! A sensitive suitable children’s book full of suspense and happiness, which is also an informative non-fiction book as well as a joyful picture book with a lot of loving details for preparing the arrival of the brother or sister.

  4. German Midwife Association says:

    The words are clear, simple and suitable for children. The pictures are also clear, They convey a harmonic secure atmosphere. The book describes birth as it is: a thrilling natural procedure with pain, exhaustion, relaxation. An ideal book for Kindergartens or for those who are waiting for their brother or sister to come.